Operating Instructions

Setting the Time

To set, pull the crown out two clicks and rotate to the desired time. Return crown to its original position.

Please note the subsidiary dial at 6 o’clock is a dual 24-hour & day/night dial that will move in synchronization with the time to determine AM/PM.

Setting the Date

To set, pull the crown out one click and rotate to the desired date. Return crown to its original position.

Setting the Month

The subsidiary dial at 3 o’clock displays the day of the week. To adjust, press the button at 4 o’clock until the desired day is reached.

Setting the Day

The subsidiary dial at 9 o’clock displays the day of the week. To adjust, press the button at 2 o’clock until the desired day is reached.

Initiating Power

To initiate power, wind crown in clockwise motion 5-7 turns. Once you begin to wear the watch, the movement of your wrist will generate power to keep the watch running.

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